Whom do I contact in case of emergency?

For police and fire emergencies, PLEASE DIAL 911 IMMEDIATELY.

The SDG&E emergency phone number is 800-611-7343, and the Curtis Management 24/7 emergency phone number is 760-643-2200.

Police protection is provided by the county Sheriff’s Department, Lemon Grove substation.  Their non-emergency phone number is 619-565-5200.

Fire protection is provided by Mount Miguel Fire District.  Their non-emergency number is 619-670-0500.

Water is provided by the Helix Water District, and their non-emergency phone number is (619-466-0585).

Sewage service is provided by Otay Water District, and their non-emergency phone number is (619-466-0585).

How can I sign up for email bulletins & newsletters?

Avocado Estates is proud to announce that you may now receive informational & emergency communications right in your email inbox!  Signing up is easy, and you may unsubscribe at any time using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email.

Where can I find our governing documents?

Avocado Estates homeowners are members of the Avocado Homeowners Association.  The Association's governing documents include the Declaration of Restrictions, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations.  These documents provide important information including the powers of the association, obligations of members, assessments, general use restrictions, landscaping, architectural change and violations and procedures for enforcement.

When does the pool open?   What are the rules?

Avocado Estates has a community swimming pool and Jacuzzi-style spa that is open seasonally from Spring to Autumn.  The actual opening dates vary from year to year based on school schedules, spring break, and so forth.

The pool facility also includes barbecues, restrooms, and showers, and is open 7 days a week from 9:00 am until 10:00 pm.

However, please be courteous to the neighbors near the pool and keep the noise level down, especially after 8:00 pm.

If you would like to use the pool area for small parties - no more than 15 or 20 friends - there is a calendar on the cork board where you may note the event.

However, please keep in mind that the pool calendar does not reserve the pool for your use only, it simply lets others who will be using the pool know that your event will be occurring.

Pool Rules

I don't have a pool key ... where can I get one?

One key per lot was issued to original members of the Association.  The pool key should be transferred to successive homeowners during escrow.  Pool keys are regulated by lot number.  If you are a new owner or have lost your pool key, please call or email our property manager, Curtis Management.  Replacement cost is $35.

How do I open the entry gates?

Two gates provide access to Avocado Estates.  Gates are opened by three methods: an opener, an access code entered at the kiosk or opening the gate via your home telephone.

Note that for security reasons there is a mechanism on both gates which allows emergency vehicles to enter without delay.

I don't have a gate opener ... where can I get one?

Two gate openers per lot were issued to each original member of the Association.  The gate openers should have been transferred to successive home owners during escrow.  If you need a replacement gate opener, please contact Curtis Management via email or telephone.

How do I get an Access Code, and to whom may I give it?

An access code can be manually entered at the directory at either entrance. We ask that you be very selective in sharing this code. Delivery/service persons and visitors should access the area using the directory only.

The access code is changed periodically for security purposes.  Homeowners will be notified prior to code changes. 

If you are a homeowner and have forgotten the current code, please contact Curtis Management via email or telephone.

Contact Curtis

How does the Directory work, and how do I get listed?

Delivery/service persons and visitors can contact residents and request the gate be opened by using the phone systems adjacent to each entrance to the community.  Each resident is listed using a random 3-digit code.

If residents need instructions using the system to provide access for delivery/service persons and visitors, please contact Curtis Management via e-mail or telephone.

If you are a new resident and need your name listed on the phone system, please complete the Gate Entry Form.  Note that if you are leasing, either you or the homeowner can complete the form.

Gate Form

When is trash collected?   What are the rules?

Trash, recyclables, and yard trimmings are collected on Mondays, anytime from early morning to late afternoon.  Trash containers are to be placed at the curb for pick-up no earlier than late Sunday afternoon, and are to be taken from the curb no later than Tuesday morning.

Per the refuse company, yard debris (grass, tree, and bush clippings, etc.) will not be picked-up in plastic bags and must be placed in trash containers or tied in small bundles.  Regular trash may be put in either trash containers or plastic bags.

Newspapers, aluminum cans, plastic, glass, and metals should be recycled.  Trash, garbage, etc. is to be kept in covered containers not visible from the common area or any lot.

Trash collection is included with the monthly HOA fee.  If you would like to receive rolling trash containers at no cost, please contact Waste Management at 619-596-5100.  The containers are available in three colors and three sizes.

Can I pick fruit growing in the common areas?

Avocado Estates includes 15 acres of common area, including three (3) avocado groves.  Avocados and other fruit may be picked by homeowners for personal use only.

However, please be careful while in common areas to not break the irrigation lines and emitters that run throughout the groves and under trees!

Can I fish in the fish pond?

The fishing pond located within Avocado Estates contains several varieties of fish.  Fishing at the pond is on a “catch and release” basis only; chemicals are added to the pond water and fish should not be eaten.

Please return caught fish to the water as quickly as possible to minimize injury.  Use only worms or artificial lures for bait to avoid catching Koi (no cheese, bread, popcorn, etc.)

Do I need approval to change my home's exterior or my lot?

Per our governing documents, approval by the homeowners association Board of Directors is required prior to any change or improvement to the exterior of a dwelling or any portion of a lot.  To start the approval process, please complete an architectural modification request form.

When and where do I pay homeowners dues?

HOA dues are due on the first day of each month. Please make your check payable to "Avocado Homeowners Association" and mail it to:

P.O. Box 57063
Irvine, CA 92619-7063

Phone: 858-587-9844
Fax: 858-587-9972

To sign up for autopayment, please complete the autopayment form and return it to Curtis Management per the instructions in the form.

Autopay Form

Where can I find information about our roads?

Looking for the Road Rehabilitation Project document archive?  Look no further!  The Avocado Estates Board of Directors have created this area to archive the project's documents and to help answer any remaining questions about the project.  If you do not find the answers to your questions or concerns in the documents below, please feel free to contact us.

Is there wildlife at Avocado Estates?   Are there coyotes?

Avocado Estates is home to many wild animals, including coyotes, fox, skunks, raccoons, possums, turtles, frogs, lizards, and owls.

As with any wild animal, coyotes can be dangerous and should never be approached.  Dog and cat food should not be left outside as it will attract the coyotes.  Consider keeping small pets inside, especially at night.  Securing garbage in tightly closed containers that cannot be tipped over is also recommended.

For more information on coyotes, please read the California Department of Fish and Game brochure below, and visit the Project Wildlife website.

Coyote Brochure

Should I top my trees?

A recent article explained the common notion of topping trees. That is taking off the entire top of tree. Sounds good on the surface, but there are some things to consider.

First, topping is the fastest way to ruin a tree's appearance.  Although temporarily reduces the height of the tree, it doesn't last long.

Whereas hedges will sprout new shoots and growth throughout the bush, trees will not.  A mature tree that is topped will not grow back in its natural form.  It sends out weaker shoots at the cut point.  These shoots are often taller, thicker, and more rough than the natural tree's original top.

Furthermore, topping will in most cases reduce the life of the tree.  The deep cuts become very susceptible to disease and insects.

Topping also removes a lot of the growth that protects the tree.  When a tree is topped, it can no longer produce as much food for itself.

Some trees will actually recover from a severe topping, but it can take decades.  Most professionals will opt to scale back an over-grown tree by thinning groups of branches in the upper part of the tree.

So better to leave the topping to ice cream sundaes.  Your tree and our neighborhood will thank you!

Are all the pictures on this site from Avocado Estates?

Yes, with exception of the water lilies in the footer, all pictures on this site are from our very own Avocado Estates.

Furthermore, all but one or two were taken by Pam Merrill, our current Board President.  Many thanks to Pam for all her hard work!

My question isn't answered here ... whom do I contact?

For your convenience, the answers to many questions concerning Avocado Estates are listed below.  However, if your question is not addressed below, please do not hesitate to contact us and a response will be provided in a timely manner.

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